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The ATO has a specialist team dedicated to professionals - you should as well!

Healthcare Accountants with the knowledge and understanding of the profession. We have made a this industry our business focus.

Private Practice

Our experience is that healthcare professionals are caring, compassionate people and have limited time for themselves and the business side of their practice. It is very much “set and try and forget”. As a healthcare professional or owner of a medical practice your compliance and tax requirements are quite substantial and this is where we can assist. As a boutique firm, we do not have the overheads of the large firms – yet we have a similar capability and depth of experience in our own team. We offer an exceptional service without the “big firm fees”.


We have many years of industry experience and we have specialised knowledge to help you understand the complexities of operating a healthcare business and ensuring that you pay appropriate levels of tax. We currently assist GP’s, Specialists, Dentists and other medical professionals with wealth creation.
  • Bookkeeping, BAS peparation and lodgement.
  • Payroll & PAYG
  • Practice structure and service entity review.
  • Does your practice utilise locums and are you aware of the pitfalls associated with locum arrangements?
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Financial Statements and Tax Returns


If you are considering doing locums, whether full time or supplementary to your employment income, you need professional advice from our Healthcare Accountants on your obligations, restrictions and getting your locum business set up correctly.
We have helped many medical professionals over the years with transitioning from being fully employed to doing locums.
There are many factors of tax legislation to consider when dealing specifically with incorporated medical practices or the locum contract itself. Such as GST and personal service income provisions.

Public Health

We have extensive experience in dealing with public health employees ranging from nurses, paramedics to medical officers and specialists.
We have special procedures, checklists and file sharing systems in place, as well as skype consultations – so location is not a problem.
Contact us today for a free 15min consultation and quotation. Please also enquire about our referral scheme.
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